Thank you, United Methodist Association of Communicators, for the Class VI Audio Production First Place and Best in Class, Awards.

We are humbled by the affirmation of a simple and faithful presentation to support and celebrate the good in life through faith against a world where the Good News is sometimes suffocated in a news cycle.  We believe the music and story you listen to, matters, especially when the ears upon which it falls are young and developing.  We like to say we are a friend for children and families, online, because you can be safe with us; you will have no worries about violent material or that which parents do not want to explain to their kids before they are old enough to take in ideas that are complex in the world around them.  This is a calling and a passion for those of us who make it happen, day by day, week by week.

We just try and offer a place where a child’s voice is spoken and listened to, where music and story support compassion and a faith in something bigger than self, and hope can be sung and talked about. 

Again, thank you UMAC, and we shall see you in Portland, OR, for the International gathering the UMC calls, General Conference, May 2016.

blessings with thanks,
Pastor Robin and our volunteer and paid staff

Posted at 11:29am, on April 18th 2016 by Robin Blair

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