More about Music…

The first thoughts are no-brainers – music is like chocolate for the tongue, spinach for the body, love for the spirit.  Music is joy for the soul.

If your children cannot help but move to the beat when the beat shows up – crank up the tunes and start singing, laughing and letting the joy start sinking in because it is as important to life as anything else you will share with them.  I am serious.

Music is sharing the essence of freedom, spontaneous creativity, and the essence of the way a vibration gathers depth and echoes all through the spiritual and physical of life. When I see a toddler laugh out loud and find herself unable to sit still when music comes on, or, gently become relaxed enough in his car seat to fall asleep on that car ride, I know the power of music to reach across miles and above obstacles is true. You can measure often truth by the way the youngest among find resonance. 

Sadly, musical tastes have become monetized in such a way that one is well served to pay close attention to what you really find that feeds you and your children.  And by monetized I mean that the music industry is an empire – with all the trappings of empire that controls, is unbalanced, keeps secrets and seeks profit above most else. Musicians, like me, must pay their bills, too, but at what point do you lose the soul and joy to create something that does not honor the gifts you have been given.

In the future – we are going to look at song lyrics and get a sense of purpose and what it is you want your kids to consume by listening to them.  The very adult nature of some music (thinking Miley Cyrus’ latest adventures on award programs or Robin Thick’s misogyny set to a beat) are for adults to know the difference between fantasy and reality. Kids don’t have this power of discernment in their brains for a while so imagine what they are consuming when they see or hear some of the adult-oriented material versus music that is about discovery, kindness, compassion and being a kid.

We will bring music that has to do with being a kid – good stuff,  that supports a good stuff life.  Hope it helps in the parenting you are earnestly, lovingly doing everyday.

Posted at 11:35am, on April 23rd 2014 by Robin Blair