Music Helps Us Connect

Music nurtures the spiritual life of children.  It helps us all connect.

If you have a desire to intentionally nurture the spirituality of the children in your life, then read on.

The spiritual lives of children are rich – just watch the way a child can hold your gaze without blinking as if to take in (through their complete vulnerability) that which is needed to connect.  The music we play on Common Good Radio is lifted specifically to children and those who love them to engage connection and nurture the spiritual life of goodness; this goodness includes hope, love, joy, kindness and that which serves beyond one’s own comfort and needs.  Music helps us connect.

Music on is intended to help adults show children that not only in your own household do people care about the good in life – all the artists who sing and play to make the music we play and sing with them are part of a world of caring and compassion.  The stories and songs, through music and lyric, tell about our living in this world together.  George Benson and Pauline Wilson sing about friendship through the song, “A Friend for all Seasons” where in” winter, spring, summer, fall - I want to spend them all with you.”  This is important in the days of “defriending” on Facebook as part of a cultural language the children learn easily and quickly.  If you want to talk about what friendship is all about - then the discussion of what friends are in a digital environment and real life suddenly matters.  It is that simple for us at Common Good Radio. We support your family life conversations and connections - about friendship, family, and the spiritual connective tissue between us in the human family (and all creation) for the common good.

Some of the music we play will never make a Top 40 Billboard mark; this does not make the passion of the artists less meaningful, nor their craft less important.  It only means they will sell fewer CD’s and perform in smaller venues.  And you get to hear that which is written and produced well, listened to by me before it goes on the web stream for appropriateness and purpose and that is fits within our guidelines of speaking to hope, love, compassion and somehow serves the conversation of the common good.

We offer music that will nurture the spiritual life of your children.  We hope you like it very much.  Please consider prayers and donating all you can to keep this mission of love alive on the web, and share our link with all your friends – FB and otherwise.

Blessings for the common good,
Pastor Robin

Posted at 5:56pm, on June 25th 2014 by Robin Blair