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There are lots of reasons to care about the music your kids hear.  Some of it is older stuff – like, Puff the Magic Dragon and it’s fanciful, loving narrative, and some of it is brand new by folks coming to the love of music and sharing it with kids – like Renee and Jeremy who affirm through song, that life is a Miracle.

I will spend many many hours sharing my thoughts with you on this topic because this blog and music project has a heart and soul that believes music matters in the lives of people, especially young people.  I hope to help you listen to music in ways that help support the things that are meaningful in this life for you.  And since we are all different, meaningful life has different sounds and lyrics. 

To support the respect and love we have for diversity in our human living as experienced through music, Common Good Radio plays a wide variety of musical styles for you on to support the basic notion of compassionate living.  We believe that within those differences we learn from one another.  We learn a lot about living with kindness, caring, cooperation, respect and humility as care for one another.  And indeed, compassionate living is one thing that is common within our diversity even though it has different sounds. 

You will not hear music that is sexually explicit or violent – as topics for lyric that are an expression of living – are for adults who can discern for themselves what expressions speak to them.  Children absorb bits of what they consume, so it seems simple to put loving messages in their ears.  Listen for these sounds everyday, 24/7 on Common Good Radio.

Posted at 7:18am, on April 22nd 2014 by Robin Blair